Cracking Codes: Part IV

Here are a couple more ciphers for you to mull over and add to your encryption repertoire: the ancient Masonic cipher and a variation, called the tic-tac-toe cipher, which is used to encrypt numbers instead of letters.

Masonic Cipher

The centuries old Masonic cipher uses two tic-tac-toe diagrams and two X patterns to represent the letters of the alphabet. Letters are enciphered using the patterns formed by the intersecting lines and dots.

Masonic Cipher

The name Bob Smith would be encrypted as follows:

Masonic encryption example

Tic-Tac-Toe Cipher

As mentioned above, a variation of the Masonic cipher used to encrypt numbers is the tic-tac-toe cipher. Using this pattern, each number can be enciphered with the character that is formed by the intersecting lines surrounding each number. The 0 is enciphered using an X.

tic-tac-toe cipher example

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