New Dan Gordon Thriller Just Released

The namesake of this spy club is up to his eyes in new espionage adventures, and you can read all about them in the just-released third installment of the Dan Gordon Intelligence Thriller series – The Chameleon Conspiracy.

Gordon’s still working for the U.S. Department of Justice, but he’s on loan to the CIA to investigate a massive fraud case that’s been left for dead by others who have tried – and failed – to crack it. He starts off with FBI leads and suspicions, and ends up following the trail undercover to Pakistan and then to Iran, where he and an Austrian woman engage in a daring ploy engineered by the CIA and Mossad. The dangerous op has the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security hot on their tracks.

Chameleon ConspiracyWith so many players – Kurdish rebels, a seemingly friendly high-ranking Iranian intelligence officer, Islamic charities – they don’t know who to trust, but they know who they’re after – sort of. Gordon suspects the fraud can be linked back to one person with many, ever-changing identities…someone who changes who he is as often as a chameleon changes the color of his skin.

It soon becomes apparent that so much more is at stake than Gordon originally realized, and he starts to wonder if he’ll even make it out of this mission – and Iran – alive.

Author Haggai Carmon’s style is fluid and tight. He writes with what is clearly an insider’s knowledge of the world of international espionage, and it’s no wonder. For two decades, he worked undercover for the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies, and his intelligence-gathering assignments took him to over 30 foreign countries.

His first two books, Triple Identity and The Red Syndrome, have received rave reviews from heads of state and former intelligence officers for their authenticity and masterful story-telling.

Haggai CarmonFormer top CIA operative Andre Le Gallo writes in the forward to The Chameleon Conspiracy, “On this one hundred year anniversary of Ian Fleming’s birth, Dan Gordon may become the new James Bond to rid us of post-Cold War threats.”

But in Carmon’s thrillers, you won’t find the debonair world of James Bond and martinis. Dan Gordon is the real deal. It’s known as the murky – not glam – world of espionage for good reason, and Carmon gives his readers a glimpse into how things really go down in that typically very secretive world.

Haggai Carmon is also a full-time attorney with his own international law practice, Carmon & Carmon/GLOBALAW.

You can order The Chameleon Conspiracy online at www.chameleonconspiracy.com.

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