Birds of a Feather

All over the Middle East, birds are being arrested. Saudi Arabia caught and detained a griffin vulture with an eight foot wingspan, while the Sudanese government detained a white pelican and an Egyptian vulture. There have also been arrests in Iran and several of the Gulf States. And now, in Turkey, it has happened again. After having been found in the Agin district of the eastern province of Elazig, the bird, which is a smaller member of the falcon family, known as a kestel, was suspected of working for the Mossad and immediately detained.
The Turkish newspaper Hurrivet reported that the bird was thought to be an Israeli spy, and so it was arrested for espionage. It was under suspicion because it had a tag on its leg that read ‘24311 Tel Avivunia Israel. Following a thorough investigation, that included an inspection, and x-raying of the kestel for cameras, microchips, and whatever else a spy might be carrying; the bird was eventually released and continues to fly free.
Because Israel is situated between Africa and Europe, it is on the migration route of half a billion birds, comprised of over 530 species. And thus, Israel has become a bird watching super power. As a means of tracking the birds, some of them are tagged, and some of them are tracked utilizing GPS technology, and a few of them get detained when they fly into other countries air space.

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