Taiwanese Officials Nervous about Chinese Espionage

Characterized as a “shame for the military”. Taiwan has arrested Chang Chih-hsin, the former chief of political warfare at the Taiwanese naval meteorology and oceanography office, along with two other former military officers; on charges of spying for China. The office is seen as especially sensitive because it holds information about Taiwanese submarines and hidden ambush zones.
Last year, Taiwan arrested an air force officer for alleged espionage, who had been stationed at a base in northern Taiwan which had sophisticated radar systems.
Previously, Lo Hsien-che, , the major general in charge of communications and electronic information for the army, was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of passing on secrets to China for years.
At a time, when Taiwan has been seeking to strengthen friendlier trade relations with China, and has been liberalizing investment and tourism, boosting the Taiwanese economy; issues of Taiwan’s sovereignty still remain. Cyber warfare remains a “serious and real” problem. According to the head of Taiwan’s national security bureau, one of the island’s intelligence agencies, the NSB is hit by 500,000 hacking attempts each month.

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