Lebanese Spy For Israel Receives Death Penalty

By Daria Carmon

Lebanon’s military court handed down a death sentence on Monday, June 20th on Bassam Abu Jawdeh, a Lebanese merchant found guilty of espionage. The conviction was for working for Israeli intelligence and supplying them with information. Death penalty is imposed in Lebanon when an operative’s actions result in Lebanese life being lost. The death sentence is subject to the consent of the president, prime minister and justice minister. A request for the death penalty by the military tribunal at the beginning of this year concerned six Lebanese convicted of collaboration with the Israelis and indirectly causing the deaths of a number of Hezbollah militants.

The Lebanese Army has made more than 150 arrests since its clampdown on alleged spies began in 2007 and among those arrested were prominent military officials and telecommunications staff believed to be Israeli operatives. A recent case that has drawn great attention is that of one-time General Fayez Karam, a high ranking member of the Free Patriotic Movement, whose conviction on charges of collaboration with the Israelis brings with it a probable sentence of three to 15 years at hard labor. Another high profile case involves Col. Antoine Abu Jaoude, who is now on trial on charges of collaboration with the Israelis, by providing the Israeli Mossad with names and addresses of Lebanese Army and Hezbollah officials. A conviction could mean a death sentence by reason of treason.

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