Will Poland extradite alleged Mossad agent to Germany?

A Polish court charged with ruling on the extradition will make its decision within a month, a court spokesperson reported today. The suspected spy is wanted in connection with the January 2010 assassination of important Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

Germany issued a European arrest warrant for the alleged operative, an Israeli using the name of Uri Brodsky, who is currently being held by the Polish authorities as a result of Berlin’s warrant. He was detained on June 4 at the Warsaw airport, and will be held for up to forty days, during which time the court will have to decide whether to extradite him. The Polish prosecution is calling for extradition, saying the issue is not a diplomatic one.

According to Germany, Mr. Brodsky obtained a German passport via fraudulent means, which was then used by one of the operatives involved in the plot to kill al-Mabhouh. Dubai’s investigation into the killing has identified 32 suspects who travelled into Dubai on fake British, French, German, Irish and Australian passports to kill the Hamas leader. It has been widely reported that the Mossad was responsible for the forgeries and the killing.

Although Dubai Police Chief Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim originally said that Dubai would not be seeking extradition in this case given that the passport fraud occurred in Germany, he has now announced that if Brodsky can be definitively linked to the killing, which occurred in Dubai, then they may request his extradition as well.

Poland – friendly with both Germany and Israel – finds itself in a difficult situation. The Israeli Minister for Tourism is quoted to have said: “Warsaw has to tell Germany that Brodsky, as an Israeli citizen, should be sent to Israel where that country’s legal procedures should be applied.”

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