White House issues report on Xmas screw-up

President Obama is proactively addressing the intelligence snafu that gave Nigerian Abdulmutallab the opportunity to blow up a plane heading to Detroit from Amsterdam on Christmas day, 2009. Luck stepped in, and the bomb ignited instead of exploding, injuring only its carrier and two other passengers.

Obama openly reprimanded the intelligence community and has just released a preliminary report reviewing the incident and the intelligence community’s failure to predict and prevent it.

In a nutshell, the report describes Abdulmutallab’s father’s visit to the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, and confirms that the intelligence community was aware of an impending terrorist attack, that the dots could have been connected, but that they were not. It does not detail all the dots, i.e. the pieces of information. It does blame a failure of analysis and threat accountability for the attack, and includes a memo from Obama on the immediate measures that will be taken by the intelligence community to improve ‘dot connection’ and avoid future attacks.

Interestingly, it opens by saying that there are many such attacks that the intelligence community has prevented in recent years, many of which the American public will never be privy to. In addition to sending a shiver down our spines, this only serves to confirm the truth embedded in the Dan Gordon Intelligence Thriller series. Terror plots are continually being detected, uncovered and interrupted by the intelligence agencies of the free world. Dan Gordon’s adventures will give you insight into that which the American public will never be privy to…

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