Shoot down spy planes, orders Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused Colombia and the U.S. of sending spy drones into Venezuelan air space, calling the alleged move an “act of war,” and ordering his air force to shoot down any more that are spotted.

No comment from the United States followed the accusation, but Colombia’s Defense Minister Gabriel Silva denied the charge, saying that Colombia’s air force does not have the capability to carry out the spy mission described by Chavez.

Santa's sleigh = spy plane??Silva went on to make light of the situation, suggesting that Venezuela had merely confused Santa’s sleigh for a spy plane!

Of course, neither Silva nor Colombia’s Armed Forces Commander Freddy Padilla mentioned anything about the U.S.’s capability, stationed in Colombia’s bases. The United States does have a military presence in Colombia, but its purpose – according to both countries – is strictly to help Colombia in the domestic war against drug traffickers and rebels.

Chavez is convinced that the U.S. is crossing that line, and that its intentions are to launch an armed attack against Venezuela from Colombia. Meanwhile, Colombia accuses Venezuela of sheltering wanted rebels. Relations between the neighboring countries are not exactly friendly and quips like Silva’s, though amusing, don’t really help in allaying tensions…

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