Ahmadinejad indignant in Sawyer interview

Diane Sawyer, anchor for ABC’s “World News,” interviewed Iranian President Ahmadinejad in Copenhagen, Denmark, after he attended the UN’s climate change conference. From an espionage perspective, Iran’s been getting a lot of press, and Sawyer sought the President’s commentary on several of the news items we’ve recently covered in this blog…

Sawyer interviews AhmadinejadOn the subject of the three American hikers, whom Ahmadinejad has in past promised to help release, the Iranian President was rather curt, bordering on aggressive.

Sawyer wanted to know – given last week’s news that the three will likely be tried for espionage shortly – whether Ahmadinejad still intends to help secure the hikers’ freedom. According to Ahmadinejad, they are still alleged spies, not just ‘hikers.’ He answered Sawyers questions with a few of his own:

“How do you know they have accidentally crossed into Iran? How do you know they were looking for waterfalls and forests? Who has told you this? Are you a judge?”

Sawyer tried to respond, but Ahmadinejad, whose questions were aimed at making a point not eliciting an answer, cut her off:

“Just let me finish. Have the intelligence agents told you this?”

His point is this: they may well be hikers, but on the other hand, they may well be spies. The CIA isn’t exactly going to come out and expose the hikers’ cover to the world while Clinton is saying there’s absolutely no evidence that their crossing into Iran was espionage-related.

Ahmadinejad believes that only a court of law will be able to review the evidence and rule one way or the other. Of course the transparency into the legal process in Iran, especially on a case like this, will be nil. There isn’t much faith amongst the international community that Iran can offer a ‘fair trial’ to these three Americans.

On the subject of the leaked document that confirms the military intentions behind Iran’s nuclear development, Ahmadinejad refused to even look at the document (a copy of which Sawyer held out to him).

He says the document is a U.S. fabrication. “I think that some of the claims about our nuclear issue have turned into a repetitive and tasteless joke,” says Ahmadinejad.

If only it were just a joke…but when it comes to Iran, all indication seems to be to the contrary.

Image from ABC

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