Blackwater CEO indignant

CEO Erik Prince of Blackwater, the infamous company contracted by the CIA to develop a targeted assassination program (a.k.a. hit squad for hire), recently spoke with Vanity Fair, sharing information about the top-secret program that CIA Director Leon Panetta terminated earlier this year – allegedly without it ever being made operational.

According to Prince, who has been accused of all sorts of misconduct as the head of Blackwater, the assassination team did travel to Germany with the intention of killing the Al Qaeda financier Mamoun Darkazanli. Which of course contradicts Panetta’s statement that the squad never went into action. Prince goes further to say that neither the CIA station chief nor the host country (Germany) was alerted to the team’s presence — very much a breach of CIA rules of conduct.

Prince feels like he’s been “thrown under the bus”…he was working with the CIA to protect the U.S., and now’s he’s fending for himself, at the helm of a company that is dealing with a grand-jury investigation, bribery accusations, and the voluntary-manslaughter trial of five former employees. But surely there’s a reason behind all the investigations and bad publicity…

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