Venezuela detains Colombian spies

Late yesterday, Venezuela announced the capture of an unspecified number of Colombian security agents allegedly “committing acts of espionage” with the intent to destabilize the Venezuelan government.

No real details have been released about the capture and arrest, but the Deputy Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Arias Cardenas, has said that Venezuela will come forward with more details and evidence to back up their claims in the very near future.

Neighbors Colombia and VenezuelaRelations between Venezuela and Colombia are not always tension-free – in fact, just this past weekend, 10 players on a Colombian amateur soccer team were murdered on Venezuelan soil. Colombia and Venezuela share a border area that is home to several militant groups and drug traffickers, and kidnapping, smuggling and extortion along the border are not uncommon.

Some are speculating that if Colombian spies were rummaging around, it would have been to gather intel on the weekend’s bloodshed, but Colombia’s DAS security agency has issued a statement in which they deny having sent agents to Venezuela.

The Colombian ambassador to Venezuela implies that this is just an attempt by Venezuela to take the heat off of the real issue, which is that “10 people, including eight Colombians, were killed in a massacre.”

It will be interesting to see what evidence the Venezualans come up with…

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