BlackBerry Spy is Out

It’s been possible to spy on the iPhone, as well as Windows Mobile and Symbian OS smart phones for quite some time now, but what about all those BlackBerry users? Not to worry, Retina-X Studios LLC has just released BlackBerry-specific spy software if you’re looking to remotely monitor, er, just about every aspect of someone’s BlackBerry.

Of course, if you’re a BlackBerry user, better be careful who’s got access to your device!

BlackBerry mobile spy softwareThe software comes from the same company that has enabled spying on most other business phones (as well as personal computers), and as with the others, it runs in the background, stealthily collecting text message and phone call logs even once these records have been deleted from the phone. The program also taps into the BlackBerry’s GPS system to alert the spy of the device’s whereabouts at 15 minute intervals.

And how do you – the spy – get to check up on all this gathered data? Just through your standard ol’ web browser…

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