Cruise and Diaz start filming new spy thriller

Looking for the next big blockbuster spy film? Well, 2010’s got a couple coming your way. First, there’s Salt, in which a CIA agent played by the sultry Angelina Jolie is accused of being a Russian spy and has to jump through hoops (and scale walls) to prove herself squeaky clean. Jolie was already spotted acting as Agent Evelyn Salt in Manhattan in March of this year.

Cruise and DiazThe second movie you’ll want to be on the lookout for is still unnamed, but seems to be going by the pet name Wichita for the time being. Tom Cruise (who was actually originally up for the lead in Salt until Jolie expressed interest and the character underwent a sex change) plays a secret agent who makes his way in and out of the life of an unsuspecting single gal played by Cameron Diaz. Apparently she falls in love, completely oblivious to his undercover occupation, and then gets embroiled in one of his operations…but it’s all hearsay at this point seeing as the movie’s not due out until July 2010, and the studios like a little suspense and anticipation, especially when it comes to spy thrillers…

Sounds like it will be a mix of action-packed spying and romance though…following somewhat in the footsteps of this year’s corporate spy flick Duplicity. What’s a good spy movie without a little romance after all…?

Filming for Wichita began Tuesday at the Worcester Regional Airport, which has been transformed into a working set of the Wichita Airport (the real one’s just too big a hub to close down for filming, even with a 20 Century Fox budget).

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