New spy show to air on FX

Don’t expect another typical spy show here, folks. “Archer,” an animated half-hour comedy launching this fall on FX, may be set at an international spy agency (ISIS), but you’ll find it’s more about the relationships between the agents than the spy missions.

It seems that when global crisis hits, ISIS agents, instead of working together to put a stop to the forces of evil, use the opportunity to turn on each other. Bad for international security, but good for laughs.


The show is named for the agency’s top spy, Sterling Archer, codename Duchess, whose micromanaging mother, Malory, is spy chief. Of course, Archer’s ex is none other than co-spy Lana Kane, whose new love interest is also an ISIS employee and the secretary — why are we not surprised — has a not-so-secret crush as well. Starting to sound a little more like a love triangle than a spy agency? Well, that’s the point. One spy satire coming right up.

“Archer” writer Adam Reed has penned successful animated series for Adult Swim/Cartoon Network, and he seems excited about this new gig, saying, “I’ve been a fairly rabid fan of FX’s original programming for a long time, so I’m thrilled by the opportunity to become a part of it, and to bring our style of animation and comedy to such a fantastic line-up.”

The voice crew won’t leave you disappointed…with Jon Benjamin as Archer (Dr. Katz, professional therapist and Carl from “The Family Guy”) and Jessica Walter from “Arrested Development” as Malory.

Make no mistake, this cartoon is for adults – lots of gun happy people, interracial porn jokes and Archer answering phone calls from his mommy dearest even when he’s, er, very busy in bed. Still, spy fans will appreciate the setting, and the show has been referred to as this fall’s can’t-miss TV.

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