Spy school: girls only!

Alright, ladies, this is it – your chance to pick up the skills that’ll leave you as seductive and spy-tastic as any of the Bond girls. The Stiletto Spy School, with training sessions in New York and Vegas, plus custom events if you’re looking for a not-so-standard bachelorette do…

Their motto? Where the routine gets shaken and stirred. Their goal? To give women a confidence boost while giving them an exciting, non-spa escape from their regular, routine lives. Check out the website, which promises: “From Samurai sword skills to stunt driving; from Martini mixology to seductive dance, you’ll master skills you didn’t know you had.”

Even if you don’t plan on starting a covert life of sexpionage, it seems like participating women will pick up a few worthwhile life skills, especially from self-defense and snag-a-guy perspectives!

Ladies learning to shoot at stiletto spy schoolThe organizers believe that every woman has a daring, confident and gorgeous secret agent inside (play along, it’s fun), and it’s the Stiletto Spy School’s experts’ job to help ladies discover their inner agent. With a wide array of classes, from “Elegance & Sophistication” and “Sizzling Argentine Tango” to “Knife Fighting Skills” and “Precision Shooting,” this school is part finishing school, and part finishing-off-your-opponent school.

You’ll be able to transfer the skills you pick up to real-life situations. As per the website, “Hitting targets at Spy School can help you hit targets in business. Survival skills will teach you to look for opportunities in unusual places. And while you may not need any stunt driving tips to park your car in the garage, they may just help you next time it snows. From poker to pool, from seduction to staying calm, you can learn almost anything at Spy School.”

Instructors are experts in their fields and come from varied and accomplished backgrounds.

Seems pretty cool to us…

images courtesy of stilettospyschool.com

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