N. Korea accuses U.S. and S. Korea of aerial espionage

The state-run Korean Central News Agency recently issued a government statement saying that the U.S. and South Korea have conducted 180 spy flights over North Korea’s airspace in the month of July, Bloomberg reports.

Lockheed Martins U-2 Spy PlaneNorth Korea refers to this campaign as a massive mobilization of aerial espionage, and according to their calculations, almost 70% of the flights were made by the U.S. with spy planes built by Boeing and Lockheed Martin. North Korea did force some of the planes out of its territory with warplanes.

News of increased monitoring of North Korea does not come as a huge surprise. On June 12, the UN Security Council voted to up surveillance of the country, as it had been engaging in nuclear and long-range missile testing despite vocal opposition from the international community.

image courtesy of theepochtimes.com

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