N. Korea says it will fire at any Japanese spy planes

In North Korea, officials have issued a no-jokes warning to the Japanese, whom they’ve accused of carrying on aerial espionage very close to one of North Korea’s missile launch sites. The threat is as follows: any Japanese planes to enter North Korea airspace, “even .001 mm” in, will be “mercilessly” shot down.

Satellite image of Musudan-ri missile site

The air force has said that Japan’s E-767 surveillance craft was flying suspiciously close to their Musudan-ri missile site, which is located on the northeast coast, last Wednesday and Thursday.

Their official statement – circulated by the country’s state-run Korean Central News Agency – says that the military “will not tolerate even a bit of the aerial espionage by the warmongers of the Japanese aggression forces.”

Japan, of course, has every reason to be concerned about North Korea’s missile plans. It is not surprising that they would seek to gather as much information as possible on the missile agenda of a country that seems to be ramping up and testing its rockets and nuclear power. In April of this year, a North Korean missile test sent a rocket flying over Japan’s principal island…something that hasn’t happened since 1998. Japan is in easy rocket-range of North Korea and after the 1998 missile incident, spent billions working with the U.S. to construct a missile shield. They also launched several spy satellites to keep watch on North Korea’s progress in this area. A Japanese official confirmed that Japan does conduct regular aerial surveillance of North Korea.

North Korean missilesIn addition to April’s long-range missile test – North Korea claims they simply put a satellite into orbit – the country conducted its second underground nuclear test in May. These tests violate U.N. resolutions and have been met with severe condemnation and sanctions, which don’t seem to have had much of an effect as the country has marked off a no-sail zone on its eastern coast from June 25 to July 10 – allegedly for military drills, but the international community suspects North Korea may be testing short- and mid-range missiles in the coming days.

Japan is not typically the target of such ominous threats – North Korea more often complains of U.S. spies entering its air space, and of late has been accusing South Korea of the “intolerable provocation” of collaborating with U.S. plans to conduct cyber warfare exercises.

images courtesy of welt.de and abcnews.com

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