Russians spy on German industry

The top dog in Germany’s domestic counter-espionage department reported this past weekend that Russian spies continue to target the German energy sector to steal secrets that will help the Russians up their energy game.

Russian spies target German industryDie Welt am Sonntag newspaper quoted Burkhard Even as follows, “The Russian intelligence services, keeping up with their government’s changing information needs, have intensified efforts in recent years to investigate German firms illegally.”

It seems, though, that this sort of spying could lead to a greater common good – the Russians are showing an interest in going green. They’ve allegedly been gathering intel on alternative and renewable energy sources, as well as efficiency-boosting methodologies. But of course it’s not as simple as a laudable environmental concern. Russia’s spies have showed specific interest in European energy interests, diversification plans and Germany’s economic state.

This does not come as a huge surprise in Germany, where just last month, Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble announced during a 2008 security report that both Russia and China have ramped up cyber espionage attempts on German companies.

And just last year, an ex-employee of EADS, a European aeronautic defense and space company, was convicted in Germany of feeding information on civilian copters to Russian spooks.

Burkhard Even has warned German companies across the board to start increasing security measures, as targets of Russian espionage are on the rise. He cautioned, “Not only big firms are affected, but also increasingly small and middle-sized companies. We therefore call on leaders of firms to step up protection against industrial espionage.”

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