Night vision without the carrots

Apparently eating lots of carrots helps you see better in the dark, but if you’re looking for a more immediate option, you’ll want to check out these Eyeclops night vision goggles from Washington, DC’s International Spy Museum store. Be sure to check out the user reviews!

Night Vision GooglesJust like the night vision specs used by the military and special operations, this gadget uses infrared LEDs to shine a wide beam of light as far as 50 feet in front of you. The light, of course, is not detectable to human eyes, but it allows for a monochrome image of what’s lurking in the shadows to show on the single-eye viewfinder.

The gadget’s not exactly small – 7″ x 10″ x 12″ – and does require 5 AA batteries to function for about 3 hours. Batteries aren’t included in the $90 price tag, but we recommend investing in the rechargeable kind, otherwise your after-dark sleuthing could end up costing you a pretty penny. The head band is fully adjustable, so no worries about your goggles falling off or cutting off blood circulation. Phew.

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