Eavesdropping power strip

We think you’ll like this gadget, as it’s suitable to any indoor space – whether work-related or residential. Who’s going to look twice at a fully functional power strip and assume it’s anything more? If the party you’re spying on is anything like the rest of us, chances are they’ll be grateful for the extra outlets – you can never have too much power, right?

Audio transmitting power strip

So how does this inconspicuous baby work? First, charge her up – the built-in rechargeable battery means that even when the device isn’t plugged into the wall, it can still operate as a spy gadget. Then, slip a SIM card into the little slot on the side. When you’re ready to start listening in on someone’s ‘ears only’ conversation, just call the SIM card’s number from your own phone. Simple, isn’t it?

Available on Brando, it’ll set you back $66. Click here for specs, etc.

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