Spy Tie

Here’s a great gadget if you’re looking to snag some video footage and remain completely unnoticed, especially at the office. Well, if you’re a guy that is. Sorry girls – we’ll stay on the lookout for necklaces with hidden cams though!

This spy tie from Brando carries an inlaid camera hidden within the fabric. The pin-hole lens blends into the tie’s pattern, which provides excellent camouflage for the device. The camera is remote operated – the remote disguised to look like a keychain.

Spy TieIt shoots color video (352 x 288 pixel resolution, 12 frames per second, AVI file format), as well as audio, and comes with a rechargeable Li-on battery. It has 2GB of built-in memory capacity and it’s yours for $66.  You just have to get over the fact that it’s got an elastic neck. Sorry Bond, no Italian silk here.

image courtesy of gadget.brando.com.hk

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