New 007 Museum Opens in April

Starting next month, diehard James Bond fans will have good reason to pay a visit to the legendary spy’s home country. On April 5, 2009, the Bond Museum – situated in England’s lush Lake District – will open its doors for the first time.

It was avid James Bond paraphernalia collector Peter Nelson who came up with the idea of having a public museum dedicated to James Bond. Nelson has collected Bond items for 20 years and has amounted the largest private collection of its kind the world over.

Fans will be able to view several of the Aston Martin and Lotus cars used in the Bond movies in addition to other vehicles like the Russian T55 main battle tank used in Goldeneye and a Bell Jetranger helicopter. Many of the vehicles the museum will feature have never been seen by the public. Also on display will be many film props, including the original Colibri golden gun and lots of cool Q gadgets.

Bond with BMWNelson, like many Bond enthusiasts, first got his hands on Ian Fleming’s Bond books when he was a schoolboy. The films cemented his love for the spy. Nelson was almost unable to complete the museum project due to the vast cost involved and briefly considered auctioning his Bond collection off. He couldn’t bear the thought of splitting up a collection amassed over two decades, however, and has (we’re very excited to hear) managed to get the museum ready for its imminent grand opening.

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