Brad Pitt to Produce Spy Thriller

This just in: Turns out Angelina’s role in spy thriller Salt (to be released in 2010) may be inspiring husband Brad to take a stab at the espionage movie genre from a production side. News on the street has Pitt’s production company, Plan B, teaming up with Paramount to adapt author John LeCarre’s spy novel The Night Manager to the big screen.

Robert Edwards is due to adapt and direct the story of a night watchman at a European hotel who is recruited by intelligence agents to spy on a network of international arms dealers. Edwards brings relevant personal experience to the task, having served as an intelligence officer during the Gulf War.

Brad PittThis is not Brad’s first foray into the thrills of spy flicks. He played a CIA operative captured in China for espionage in the 2001 movie Spy Game, and appeared in the recent Burn After Reading, an intelligence spoof by the Coen brothers. In 2005, he starred across Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, in which both Jolie and Pitt played professional assassins. Of course production is a different beast, but it’s always great to have one more promising espionage film on our radar.

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