Chinese Internet Spy Arrested for Foul Play

China has recently been in the news for allegedly spying on U.S. businesses. Turns out that their internet spies have been wreaking havoc on home turf too. Yu Bing, Beijing’s top government internet spy, was recently arrested in a case involving corporate espionage and bribery.

Yu works for the Beijing Municipal Security Bureau, where he heads up the internet monitoring department. The bureau tracks email and web usage as part of China’s Great Firewall surveillance program. Yu has been arrested for allegedly taking $5.8 million in bribes to aid anti-virus company Rising rise above its competitor Micropoint.

China Internet

Yu Bing took the money to frame Micropoint VP Tian Yakui. Yu and other police officers are suspected of having fabricated evidence that was used to prove Tian had let loose cyber viruses and hacked into a computer system to get his hands on trade secrets. According to reports, Tian was convicted and imprisoned for almost a year as a result of the charges. Micropoint, meanwhile, was dealt three years of having to jump through hoops in order to get their anti-virus software launched. Tian was apparently singled out because he had once been VP at Rising but left the company along with the former Managing Director to start Micropoint.

The Rising VP suspected of bribing Yu Bing for his framing services has also been arrested. Micropoint plans to sue Rising for approximately $4.3 million in losses.

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