Feb/March Spy Movie Roundup


Don’t be put off by the title – this film has nothing to do with giving birth. It’s Summit Entertainment’s latest action thriller starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning; it opened in theaters Friday 6, 2009.

Quickie Summary: Paranormal agents touting powers like telekinesis, predicting the future, creating alternate dimensions and eliminating rivals without so much a touch do battle with a government agency in Hong Kong to save the world. You may have to suspend your disbelief, but that’s part of the point.

The Washington Post reports: “It’s a gussied-up knockoff of a Scorsese mob movie, shellacked with an opaque sheen of Clancy-style espionage, stir-fried with a bit of Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez and the Wachowski brothers. It’s the perfect brain vacation for those overtaxed by Oscar-nominated movies.”

Directed by Paul McGuigan, Push will drag you deep into the lethal world of psychic espionage, where the stakes are sky high – nothing less than the future of civilization as we know it.

The International

Opening the Berlin Festival on February 4, 2009 (US release: lucky Friday, February 13), The International is a sleek film about blackmail, espionage and murder in the banking world.

Quickie Summary: An Interpol agent (Clive Owen) and a Manhattan assistant district attorney (Naomi Watts) spearhead an investigation to bring one of the world’s most powerful banks to its knees. Together, they follow an international trail to uncover illegal activities galore (think money laundering, weapons trading, the destabilization of governments). With their lives in mortal danger, they partners take on a bank determined keep their clandestine operations active and their secrets under wraps at all costs.

Although directed by Tom Tykwer, the guy behind the quirky postmodern hit Run, Lola, Run, don’t expect the same sort of hyperactive color and dynamism.


Not due in US theaters until March 20, but Clive Owen is certainly making the spy movie rounds – this time acting opposite leading lady Julia Roberts.

Quickie Summary: A pair of ex-government agents turned corporate spies conspire to get the best of both their bosses, so they can walk off with the jackpot themselves.

A little lust, a lot of humor and not much trust promises a feel-good hybrid that marries romantic comedy and espionage/con job flicks. Directed by Tony Gilroy, the mastermind behind the Bourne series screenplays.

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